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Precise and focused


KOT can produce with varieties of materials. We provide suitable production methods according to customer needs.
The materials are as follows:

Low Carbon steel

C1008 / C1010 / C1015 / C1020 / C1025 / C1030 / C1035 / C1040 / C1045 / 1215 / 12L14 / 1144


AL2011 / AL2024 / AL5005 / AL6061 / AL6063 / AL6082 / AL7075

Alloy Steel

10B21 / 35ACr / SCM415 / SCM420 / SCM435 / SCM440 / SAE8620 / SAE4340 / SUJ2


C36000 / C3604

Stainless Steel

SS302 / SS303 / SS304 / SS316L / SS321 / SS410 / SS416 / SS420 / SS430 / SS440C

Tool Steel

SKD61 / SKD11

Cold formed

Cold formed

KOT specializes in multi-section cold forming fasteners, and we focus on products with rigorous dimensions.
Metal forming changes greatly, and precise dimension requirements must rely on secondary processing or other processes to meet customer demand and functions. We can produce with low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

Product range :

Nut or Tubes

OD 8-33mm I Length 5-100mm

Bolts or Shafts

OD 3-24mm I Length 10-200mm

Turned parts

Turned parts

KOT has diversified processing facilities, that can provide with various processes requirements such as turning, milling, grinding, drilling, tapping and has corresponding production equipment for large batches to small batches, simple to complex and high-precision parts.

Product range :

Shaft or dowel pin

OD from 2-32mm I MAX length 600mm I MAX 7 axes

Single piece processing and 2nd operation

OD 3-80mm I MAX Length 300mm

Connectors or fittings

OD from 3-45mm I MAX length150mm I MAX 5 axes


OD 3-50mm I Length 10-150mm

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

KOT provides various metal surface treatment services accordance to customer needs.
Various materials and surface treatments will produce different effects. We obtain the most suitable method through team research and experience.


Black Oxide

Zinc nickle pleated

Grinding / Polish

Zinc plated

Hard Chrome Plated



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